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Abraxas carefully considers and follows all EHS (environmental, health and safety) standards during all our decision-making process. We are committed to full compliance with all regulations, knowing that such exist to not only protect our environment, but also our team members as well as our partners. With regular safety meetings, we set the highest level of expectations for our team, including work ethic and safety standards towards self and others. Abraxas proudly meets EHS standards by:
  • Conducting monthly safety training of all its field personnel
  • Keeping 24 hour staffed hotlines for concerned individuals or site emergencies
  • Utilizing multiple types of emissions reduction technology
  • Employing containment on sites where the potential for storm water contamination exists
  • Having where possible, gas pipelines in place before well completion to minimize gas flaring
  • Routinely utilize infrared technology to detect and repair emissions sources
  • Utilizing where available, oil pipelines in order to cut down on trucking and its association issues
  • Using multi well pads in most all drilling operations to minimize surface impact


Our employees are encouraged to give back to their communities by participating in service work of their choice.

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